In Person Training

TRM’s award winning programs challenge the status quo. 

For individuals, we set the challenge to be truly authentic: that is, to be the best version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. 

For organisations, we provide the frameworks, tools and skills so people are energised, action orientated and focused on getting results.


Powerful Engagement for Successful Livestock Businesses

An exciting new program providing Excellence in Execution

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This program coaches and guides you in improving your skills in communication, business, health and delivering Excellence in Execution.

Do you want to:

  • Manage difficult conversations with less stress?
  • Change entrenched behaviours within teams and organisations?
  • Understand and manage the key drivers of business profitability?
  • Have practical tools for excellence in execution?
  • Feel in control when negotiating tough or complex situations?
  • Have ongoing support to challenge and motivate you?


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Understanding Behavioural Styles - DISC®

DISC is one of the most widely used tools in assisting teams and individuals understand behavioural styles.

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It provides insights into your natural tendencies and provides guidance to understanding how to best interact with those of similar or differing behavioural tendencies. Understanding what the differences mean and how to manage them helps reduce tension, misunderstandings and poor communication. Completing a DISC profile provides a framework for you to predict the needs, communication preferences and negotiating styles of others in your team.  You are provided with your own DISC assessment as part of this program.

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The Power of Engagement

Our flagship program that has been conducted in Australia and South Africa.

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Power of Engagement has been attended by multinationals, Government departments, financial institutions, agribusinesses, rural and regional people and not-for-profit organisations. Internally, the program has been run for Government, multinationals and industry organisations. It is a communications improvement program for managers, team leaders and teams.  

What you will achieve

  • Improved listening capability
  • How to ask quality questions and how to respond effectively
  • Managing high emotional states: yours and theirs
  • How to apply values-based correction

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The Negotiator's Toolkit

Negotiating is the single most frequently used skill in the business world at every level and is probably business success factor No 1. This 2-day program offers a new approach to Negotiation Skills.

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Many negotiation programs do not move beyond the standard bargaining mindset. This program shifts to an approach that developments your skills in the four core negotiation principals: thinking like a negotiator, strategising your negotiation, communicating as an effective negotiator, and building lasting relationships. The unique edge of this program is that having explored the macro canvass of negotiation styles, it exposes the micro-skills and micro-behaviours that occur, consciously or unconsciously, in the many habitats that we call “negotiation’’. 

This program has been widely throughout Australia and in many overseas countries.  It is also the basis of Australia’s first Graduate program in Negotiation.

What you will achieve

  • How to frame your negotiation process
  • How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes in negotiation
  • How to recognise and handle dirty tricks
  • How to create mutually beneficial outcomes

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Lattice Selling®

This award winning program in innovation in learning, takes you through a framework that is guaranteed to help you outperform your competitors.

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If you've wondered why it's so difficult to connect with today's prospective buyers, we'll fill you in on the mystery.  Better than that, this interactive, 2-day program will provide you with new skills to add to what you're currently doing to reach more prospects. Participants get answers to the question: Do you know where your sales fail?  Is it rapport, is it stating the value proposition?  The program enables participants to look at each step in the sales process to identify their own strengths and weaknesses with strategies for improvement.

What you will achieve

  • You will learn the difference between pitching versus being a partner in the decision-making process and understand when to apply one or the other.
  • You will learn how to formulate questions that ensure your buyer appreciates the impact of their choice
  • You will learn how to close effectively and ethically
  • You will learn how to apply the unique Lattice Sales Process®. The selling process is rarely a straight line, yet many lose their buyers due to a failure to negotiate all the steps in the process.

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Maximising Emotional Intelligence Skills

In today’s world, emotional intelligence is essential for leader’s in all walks of life.

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In this high powered one-day program you will gain insights into the science of Emotional Intelligence and take away practical frameworks to increase your own understanding of EQ, and with these frameworks, there are a series of practical exercises which enable you to improve your own skills.

The program utilises the highly regarded Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test framework of Recognising, Using, Understanding and Managing Emotions. You are provided with your personal MSECIT assessment.

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