Our Difference

We help our clients achieve results through Leadership Training, Developing Excellence in Teams and providing Personal Coaching. Our programs our innovative and personalised to each individual client, and led by our skilled coaching staff.


We are constantly exploring the leading edge and rigorously test our theories.


We create unique programs which become extremely personal to individuals and teams. In the words of a client – “Even through I was not aware of it at the time of the training, I was made go personal to get the ‘other stuff’’


We put ourselves in the coach role rather than consult which both challenges and enables clients to make the shift transactional to transformational change.

We are regularly prepared to confront deeply to achieve mutually agreed outcome whilst at the same time providing safety and support.

What our clients say

I found this course, extensive and extremely interesting. The principles, tools and framework, if applied correctly and effectively, will be extremely value adding to my workplace and personal life.

Dominic Bassi, Supply Chain Coordinator, Golden Circle