Conversations for Growth®

This award winning program is a powerful platform for you to engage, learn and grow.

It adopts innovative and groundbreaking techniques to accelerate your capacity to lead and manage.  Through a unique cocktail of professional development, peer support and transformational facilitators, you are assured a valued investment in your own growth. The benefits accrue as you progress on the journey in your private group: building trust, learning the art of appreciative enquiry and the practice of crucial conversations. 

This “on-going on-the-job” program builds on your day-to-day experience through interactions with your peer group to give you the confidence and skills to develop your own leadership style.  You do this through constantly gaining insights from your peers and building your capability to challenge their beliefs and perspectives.

What you will achieve:

  • A deeper appreciation of the styles of engagement that are authentic, effective and transformational;
  • Enhanced problem solving skills through using your peers as a sounding board;
  • The skills to establish your own leadership style enables growth of a culture of excellence in execution




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