Growing Leaders Program

Following on from the success of industry specific leadership programs Hort Innovation is continuing its investment in leadership development with this program, using the vegetable, raspberry and blackberry, sweetpotato, nursery and fresh and processing potato research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.

It is a unique program that provides leaders and aspiring leaders with the skills required to ensure their business remains positioned at the forefront of the continued growth in the sector.

This is a not-to-be missed opportunity for members of the horticulture industry looking to challenge their status quo and expand their potential.

A program conducted over three months:

Program Structure
Phase 1: Three day Leadership Forum, Meeting 1
Phase 2: Study Tour (at conclusion of Phase 1 - Meeting 1)
Phase 3: Workplace Project
Phase 4: Two day Leadership Forum, Meeting 2

Key Topics

  • Leadership and capturing hearts
  • Mastering the people dimension
  • Understanding and managing energy
  • Achieving success
  • Aligning physical well-being
  • Mastering the inner warrior

During the Program you will:

  • Establish focused goals
  • Understand your behavioural drivers
  • Develop 'metrics that matter'
  • Learn to 'give up' the unnecessary
  • Leader to pace any change program realistically
  • Develop and progress using the TRM 'Buddy Concept'
  • Learn to assess your own mentoring and coaching skills

What does it cost you?
Levies pay for all tuition. You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation and some meals. 

*Note: Application for attendance at this program is via a short online written survey.
Applications will be assessed by the Program committee, with successful participants advised after the closing date.

Meeting 1: 10-13 May 2021, Brisbane (3 Day residential, plus 1 Day Study Tour)
Meeting 2: 10-11 August 2021, Melbourne

Application Process
To request further Program details or an Application Link, please contact us 1800 1900 11 or

Closing Date for Applications: New date to be Advised
Successful applicants notified:
New date to be Advised




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