Growing Leaders Program

Following on from the success of industry specific leadership programs, Hort Innovation is continuing it's investment in leadership development with this program which is offered to a wider range of people involved in the horticultural sector and it's supply chain.

It is a unique program that provides leaders and aspiring leaders with the skills required to ensure their business remains positioned at the forefront of the continued growth in the sector.

This is a not-to-be missed opportunity for members of the horticulture industry looking to challenge their status quo and expand their potential.

A program conducted over three months:

Program Structure
Phase 1: Three day Leadership Forum, Meeting 1
Phase 2: Study Tour (at conclusion of Phase 1 - Meeting 1)
Phase 3: Workplace Project
Phase 3: Two day Leadership Forum, Meeting 2

Key Topics

  • Leadership and capturing hearts
  • Mastering the people dimension
  • Understanding and managing energy
  • Achieving success
  • Aligning physical well-being
  • Mastering the inner warrior

During the Program you will:

  • Establish focused goals
  • Understand your behavioural drivers
  • Develop 'metrics that matter'
  • Learn to 'give up' the unnecessary
  • Leader to pace any change program realistically
  • Develop and progress using the TRM 'Buddy Concept'
  • Learn to assess your own mentoring and coaching skills

What does it cost you?
Levies pay for all tuition. You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation and some meals. 

*Note: Application for attendance at this program is via a short online written survey.
Applications will be assessed by the Program committee, with successful participants advised after the closing date.

Meeting 1: 11-14 May 2020, Brisbane (3 Day residential, plus 1 Day Study Tour)
Meeting 2: 10-11 August 2020, Melbourne

Application Process
To request further Program details or an Application Link, please contact us 1800 1900 11 or

Closing Date for Applications: 27th March 2020, 5pm
Successful applicants notified: COB Thursday 9th April




Upcoming Events

11 May - 14 May 20

Growing Leaders Program