Transformation vs Transactional - What's the Difference? 

Selective Behavioural ModellingTM (SBMTM)

Selective Behaviour ModellingTM, is a software supported approach to embedding behaviours reliably and predictably into large number of people to support culture change with empirical measurement. SBMTM has been designed by our associated, Australian behavioural Scientist, Allan Parker.

The Negotiators Toolkit

The Negotiators Toolkit offers a new approach to Negotiaton Skills. Many Negotaiton programs do not move beyond the standard bargainning mindset. This process, however, shfits to an approach that focuses on our core negotiation principals:

*To think like a negotiator
*To strategise your negotiation
*To communicate as an effective negotiator
* To build lasting relationships

78ths Selling

78ths Selling takes participants through a structured communication process that embeds a shift from a product centric focus to a truly customer centric focus. It achieve this through a combination of advanced learning techniques, accelarated learning and a well developed structure. Participants consistently comment how they cover far more ground than standard training programs.