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Our flagship program that has been conducted in Australia and South Africa.

Power of Engagement has been attended by multinationals, Government departments, financial institutions, agribusinesses, rural and regional people and not-for-profit organisations.   Internally, the program has been run for Government, multinationals and industry organisations.

The appeal lies in the summary comment made by one of the very first attendees and repeated many times since. "It doesn't matter what your work or business is. You will take away something that will move you and your business forward."  Helen Clarke  

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About the program

The Power of Engagement is a Communications Improvement Program for Managers, Team Leaders and Teams.
Communication is essential to every aspect of our lives, yet so many of us do not do it well: we do not engage, we do not listen and frequently we do not understand.

The topics covered in this program are:

  • Understanding the physiological and psychological aspects of any communication process.  Subjects include: > verbal and non verbal messages > emotions
  • An examination of the barriers to effective listening.
  • Developing the skill of questioning through applying our unique framework.
  • Learning what tools help in the communication process.
  • Understanding your behavioural style and how this impacts positively and negatively on your relationships with others in your circle of influence.

The benefits of this course to your organisation are:

  • To improve your personal communication skills.
  • To improve your ability to engage with fellow staff, customers and clients.
  • To understand the principles behind successful change management through better communication.

The outcomes you will take with you are:

  • An insightful and thorough understanding of the drivers of our differing communication styles.
  • Clarity in developing and using the right frameworks and tools for differing situations.

Who should attend?

  • Managers and executives who wish to improve their organisational culture.
  • Facilitators and extension staff who have to engage wide groups of people with short time frames from quite diverse backgrounds.
  • Agency representatives who frequently have to deal with a wide range of emotions.
  • All training professionals wishing to leverage their training effectiveness and budgets.
  • Team leaders of groups of staff.
  • Supply chain managers who have to deal with organisations with vastly different cultures and communication skills.


“If you have the opportunity to attend this course I would strongly advise you do so – outstanding!”

Mark Tate,

“Outstanding! Recommend this to all manager & supervisors that have to deal with other businesses & staff.”

Tim Stokes,
Van Diemens Land Company Smithton,

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