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At The Right Mind, we focus on Performance Improvement.  The reason is simple, a review the literature from McKinsey and Co, from Gallup and many others, demonstrates the following:

1. McKinsey's global survey of more than 1,500 organisations indicated that only 6% or organisations were completely happy with their cultural change program and 1 in three did not consider the program successful.

2. Gallup estimate that disengagement is costing $800 billion annually.

With estimates of up to 70% of organisational change or re-engineering fail, one wonders why?   Why Performance?

The TRM Performance OptmisationTM program works by ensuring key components of operations are:

  • In place;
  • Clear and understood; and
  • Used and reviewed on a regular basis.

1. WHY - Purpose
Transformation of an organisation starts with clarity of purpose.  It is the WHY of existence. Purpose is the beacon for the organisation's legacy.   A clearly defined purpose, integrated into operational structures, is inspirational and motivational.

Virtually all managers and leaders understand the importance of culture.  Fewer however, know how to translate the concept into practice and even less understand the power of monitoring behaviours. 
Allan Loren Quote
In the absence of clearly articulated organisational values and corresponding behaviours, individual values takeover.

3. casading goals and actions aligned with strategy
One of the inhibitors of effective performance is clarity of structures linking strategy with performance.

Our unique structure operates with following guidelines:

a)    Clear plans, visible to entire team Plans condensed to one-page
  • One-page Strategic Plan
  • One-Page Business Plan
  • One-Page Team Plan
  • etc
We cascade the plans at each level of the organisation to arrive at a Work Plan on an individual level.

b)    Team monitoring tools and processes
provision of supporting implementation tools and processes, we measure the success of each initiative that supports the strategy providing tangible facts to work with.  These include:

  • On-line Proformas for one page documents, 90-days targets, weekly reporting and daily actions; and
  • Selective Behaviour ModellingTM to forge winning behaviours (see below).
c) Team communication procedures
Knowing who does what, when, is an essential but often misaligned and time ineffective process.  Our meeting formats have demonstrated improved satisfaction and individual delivery effectiveness.

Selective Behaviour ModellingTM (SBMTM) is a software supported approach to embedding behaviours reliably and predictably into large numbers of people to support culture change with empirical measurement.  SBMTM has been designed by Australian behavioural scientist, Allan Parker

Specifically, SBMTM:
  • Supports cultural change which is aligned with the strategic needs of the organisation; and
  • Enables members of the organisation to Experience SBMTM at a deep and meaningful level.

6 Leading a turnaround: An interview with the chairman of D&B. McKinsey Quarterly May 2005

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" This program has given us the opportunity to focus on areas, which we would like to change as a company. We have had positive input from our managers about implementing new strategies/ideas and furthermore we have been assisted in implementing these new ideas with team members showing leadership to others who may be complacent about the issues raised.

We are continuing to use this program to implement changes required to enhance our efficiencies with the company."

Adriaan Shields
National Manager-Poultry, Rural Funds Management


Rock Building Society


"The communications and executive training provided by The Right Mind Pty Ltd for The Rock staff and management was extremely valuable.

The communications training for our staff was specifically tailored for our requirements and not only gave them increased confidence and improved skills in helping customers, but also in working more effectively with each other.

What's more, staff enjoyed the training immensely, providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. The Right Mind continue to support our efforts well beyond the training sessions, providing advice and resources used to reinforce the training messages."


Marilyn Steel
Marketing Executive, The Rock Building Society Limited