Developing Excellence

Extensive surveys by McKinseys, one of the worlds leading management consultancies, demonstrate there is so much waste and general dissatisfaction in strategic planning and cultural change programs initiated by many companies.

The reason
Vince Lombardi (the great football coach) spoke so eloquently on the need for a framework that is:

  • compelling, 
  • practical, 
  • internalised. and 
  • deliverable in its outcomes. 

Our belief is many orgnisational improvement programs are structured to fail.  They are NOT there for the long haul: they seek fast, slick results and frequently follow the pattern of enthusiasm, overload and result in old habits re-emerging.  There is NO follow-though.

Our framework works on the premise: it’s the team who has to implement the strategic decisions of the organisation.  There may be outsider assistance in formulating the decisions, provide technical assistance, and on occasions, replace existing people, but the fact remains: what we have to work with is what we have.

Culture is the “ballast that keeps the ship steady”. It is the “shadow” of the organisation and this shadow is the unwritten ground rules.

The Right Mind Pillars

Individuals and organisations who embark on the journey of excellence seek ideas, support, motivation and stimulation. They seek coaches, technicians and mentors who will provide guidance and support.

Our role in working along side those seeking excellence is to focus on improving both their capability (systems and strategies) and capacity (will and motivation) to assist in more effective achievement of goals. In particular we look at innovative ways to ensure optimisation of these two primary drivers with the end result being a sustainable competitive advantage.

We do achieve this through continually asking the question... What will it take?

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“The communications and executive training provided by The Right Mind Pty Ltd for The Rock staff and management was extremely valuable.

The communications training for our staff was specifically tailored for our requirements and not only gave them increased confidence and improved skills in helping customers, but also in working more effectively with each other.

What's more, staff enjoyed the training immensely, providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. 

The Right Mind continue to support our efforts well beyond the training sessions, providing advice andresources used to reinforce the training messages in the weeks following.”

Marilyn Steel
Marketing Executive,
The Rock Building Society Limited

“I gained a great deal from the course and have a better understanding of processes I should follow to improve my performance professionally and to present myself more compassionately personally." 

Wendy O’Shea
HR and Training Manager