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This program is offered in two forms.  These are:

1. Two-Year Mentoring Program.
This program has a 2 1/2 day induction program followed by 5 face to face meetings with monthly coaching sessions in between. (View PDF)

2. Rural Leader's Bootcamp.
This program has two face-to-face meetings.  These is a 3 day induction program with a project presentation day 6 months later.  Between these two meetings there are telephone coaching sessions. (View PDF)

See Events page for upcoming dates.

About the program
Conversations for Growth works on the alignment of purpose, strategy and actions to build robust organisations through growth in the capability and capacity of individuals.

The uniqueness of this program is in its mix of group interaction and personal follow through ensuring the greatest results. Our coaching program also enables the involvement of partners in the program which prevents isolation of one partner from the other.

The program challenges you to reflect on what is expected of a modern leader and to understand what it takes to become a highly effective leader.

During the program, you will acquire a solid set of tools and skills that help you lead a team: either within a business or political context.

Conversations for Growth provides a forum for members to rise above the urgent to focus on what’s truly critical. It’s an empowering place to be.

Our unique program assures results through a combination of:
  • group support and coaching
  • web-based diagnostic tools and progress monitors
  • experienced facilitators and mentors

This is a strategic personal and organisational growth program. It works with businesses and individuals to improve both their capability (resources) and capacity (will and motivation) to undertake their roles in a more effective manner. It ensures all individuals and their businesses are evaluating the eight factors of The Right Mind.

It utilises the latest coaching and mentoring processes and tools developed within Australia and overseas. In particular, Conversations has gained access to some of the latest diagnostics that you can use regularly on-line.

These are the unique attributes of the Right Mind International Pty Ltd.

The benefits of this program to you are
  • Superior decision making processes. Our experience demonstrates that having access to a trusted group of people who are not connected to your business improves the decision making process. Membership overcomes the sense of isolation many leaders feel in their decision-making processes.
  • Personal growth. One of the greatest benefits of membership is the substantial personal growth. Having an independent group challenge and support your alignment of purpose, strategy and actions, achieves growth that many had not believed possible.
  • Improved follow-though. Our unique follow through techniques create an environment where follow-through is a must.

These outcomes are achieved through

  • Structured assistance in achieving personal and business goals.
  • Fresh ideas from participants, facilitators and presenters.
  • Increased focus through reducing the time spend on urgent and fire-fighting matters,
  • An enhanced decision making process.

During the program, you will learn
  • To establish focused goals – Learn how to develop goals that work.
  • To understand your behavioural drivers – Through comparing your personal results from the latest management and emotional behavioural tools.
  • To develop ‘metrics that matter’ – Many change management programs fail due to poor development of key performance measures that embrace the physical, financial and cultural components.
  • To ‘give up’ the unnecessary – Success is not achieved through the successive addition of new fads or operations on top of already busy lives. Very few team leaders have learnt the art of shedding layers that are no longer relevant or do not add value.
  • To pace the change program realistically - Far too many change management programs are unrealistically scheduled. They are under-funded or results are expected in unrealistic timeframes resulting in people loosing interest.

How the program operates

The program includes:
  • Three evening and full-day problem-solving meetings per annum in teams of up to 16 business owners, professionally facilitated by a TRM Chair.
  • Monthly webinar sessions for each group facilitated by a TRM coach.
  • Monthly personal coaching sessions with seasoned mentors who are selected according to the issue nominated by the member.
  • On-line progress monitoring and group feedback diagnostic tools.
  • Regional and national member conferences.
  • Access to the TRM network of business advisors, investors and group support programs.
Meetings are held three (3) times per year and enable the group to personally get to know each other and to build on each other’s strengths.


Coaching is facilitated in two ways. First, there is a monthly webinar hosted by a TRM facilitator. This webinar, enables members to log on from their office or home and receive an update on group issues as well having access to the rest of the group for support and issue discussion.

In addition, each member has the choice between three levels of personal one-on-one coaching. There are three coaching levels:
Bronze: For monitoring progress between meetings and have a quick check in with a selected coach.
Silver: This level provides a fortnightly ‘check-in’ and may involve more than one coach.
Gold: This level is for those who require more focused attention to achieve their goals. Again, this may involve more than one coach. And for many, the benefits obtained from dedicated approach to improving skills in one of the eight areas has provided multiple times payback on the investment.

The recommended coaching mix will be discussed with members in the interview process.

How to become a member

Membership is by application or invitation. Membership is open to professional people. Examples include:
  • Business owners or managers.
  • Partners in professional firms.
  • Senior officers in Government or Non-Government agencies.

Members are invited to join a group after a TRM designed interview process. This process examines the following:
  • Personal skills and aspirations.
  • Business or employment based on business size and type and competitor relationships.
  • Location.

Selection of group members

Group members are selected on compatibility, skills and competitive neutrality. Members are also selected to achieve diversity of skills and experience.

All participants in the program are provided with two behavioural tests and an assessment of their physical well-being. These are:
  • DISC. The DISC model was developed by William Marston whose research continued from the theories of Carl Jung. Marston was interested in why people behaved the way they did and received his PhD from Harvard University. The 24 page report provides feedback on your behavioural style and the impact it has on others.
  • MSCEIT. The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test model of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the only published ability measure of Emotional Intelligence skills, and is widely used in corporate and coaching settings. EQ is a measure of your ability to recognise, understand and manage emotions in yourself and others. EQ is one of the single biggest contributors to your overall behaviour, and is one of the few traits in which your skills can be improved.
  • Physical ‘well-being’. This test is developed to provide a baseline assessment of general assessment of body mass index (BMI), flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and abdominal strength and endurance.

These tests establish the baseline for building excellence in personal capacity.

AITD Award Finalist


"Conversations for Growth is an opportunity to grow in a number of areas.  The program is well thought out and I especially like the 2 pillars approach; in particular the concept of building capacity using the 4 forms of energy.  Conversations for Growth compares very favourably to other Executive Development programs I have been involved in and as a result I have included another member of my team in the program."

Mark Casey, McNab Constructions
Manager, Corporate Development and People
Finalist 2008  (Qld Winner) – AHRI – Most Effective HR Department


"Life changing (not a term I use lightly), I want my wife to go through it".

luke ukola, fitzroy basin association


"I will certainly continue to focus and refocus on learnings' and have seen very tangible & significant achievements/progress since the start of the course."

harmony james, north australia pastoral company


"It was a very welcome confrontation (and needed). Created an immense amount of self-awareness that gave me the ability to better understand and apply myself in every aspect of my life. Thanks".

Natalie temple, lallemand animal nutrition