Training Products

Our training products are rapidly gaining national and international credibility. These courses can also be offered as in-house programs, please contact us for details.

Our primary training products are:

The Power of Engagement

A Public Training Program in Communications for Sales, Negotiation and Team Leadership. Communication is essential to every aspect of our lives, yet so many of us do not do it well: we do not engage, we do not listen and frequently we do not understand. This program assists participants to master the art of effective communication, recognise the importance of questioning, build a toolkit to manage difficult conversations and establish clear procedures for effective follow through.  more....

7/ths Selling
This program provides a solid platform for individuals to improve their sales performance and organisations to build robust, engaging and delivering sales teams. The program is structured to ensure outcomes are repeatable post training. The program takes participants through a structured communication process that embeds a shift from a product-centric focus to a truly customer-centric focus.  more...

Conversations for Growth
A Program for Small Business and Individuals.
Conversations for Growth™ provides a forum for members to rise above the urgent, to focus on what’s truly critical. It’s an empowering place to be. Conversations for Growth™ works on the alignment of purpose, strategy and actions to build robust businesses through growth in the capability of individuals. more...

Selective Behaviour ModellingTM
Selective Behaviour ModellingTM (SBMTM) is a software supported approach to embedding behaviours reliably and predictably into large numbers of people to support culture change with empirical measurement.  SBMTM has been designed by Australian behavioural scientist Allan Parker. more...

The Negotiator's Toolkit

The Negotiation Skills Course that goes beyond Winning to Maximising.

Negotiating is the single most frequently used skill in the business world at every level and is probably BUSINESS SUCCESS FACTOR No 1.
The Negotiator’s Toolkit Seminar has been conducted in many of Australia’s major Corporations and Government Agencies as well as organizations throughout Asia such as Microsoft, Exxon, Federal Express and Arab Malaysia Bank. It has also been conducted in London and at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. more...

Switch on your Brain Again !
Switch on your brain Again will spark your awareness of how little you know about your mind, brain and thinking. It will give you insights into some simple variables that you can play around with to get your brain fitter and more flexible. It will give you some simple methods to assist you in understanding how you can change your thinking and how you might influence someone else in changing their thinking. 

Tomorrow's Meeting
How to get the most out of your meetings
Learn how to effectively chair or facilitate a meeting. This program will equip you to maximise your ability to effectively deliver the message to teams and large groups.

Team Coaching and Cultural Change Program™

A Business Driven Professional Development and Coaching Program for Managers and Team Leaders within larger Organisations. The team culture program has been specifically designed to add value, not additional time to an already busy schedule experienced in today’s business world. more...

The Facilitative Leader Induction Program
The Facilitative Leader Support Program is especially designed to ensure skill development is maximised and personal and organisational “ undesirable habits” are replaced with ones more desirable. An organisation may elect to conduct the Facilitative Leader Induction Program internally or have selected persons attend our public programs. more...

Corporate Governance
A Program for Boards and Senior Management of Small and Medium Sized Businesses. ‘Effective Corporate Governance’ enables Directors, those aspiring to Board positions and those providing statutory or operational support to Boards, to understand, implement and measure effectiveness of corporate governance practices relative to their organisation. more...

Mind over Money
Mind over Money provides an integrated and emotionally connected approach to wealth creation and it's possibilities. Doing this you learn to make it your responsibility to understand and manage yourself at all levels, by engaging in practical steps to change and manage your current behavioural patterns.  


”The learning journey that resulted from our time with The Right Mind team created an attitude change and built confidence that enabled us to know we had the ability to choose and build our future: one that was not controlled by external forces. It has resulted in an incredible growth in sales and profits. In addition, we are able to say that the process has been a re-energiser, so much so, that our enjoyment of life has never been better.”

Wendy Erhart - Co-Owner, Withcott Seedlings
Winner, Veuve Clicquot Australian Business Women of the Year 2005