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July 2012
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 Power of Engagement®
Aug 6-7: Charters Towers
7/8ths Selling
Oct 16-17: Sydney
Oct 18-19: Melbourne
 Negotiators Toolkit
Aug 23-24: Emerald
 Emerging Leader's Bootcamp
Oct 24-26: Brisbane
 Conversations for Growth®
Oct 22-23: Brisbane
Food for Thought
“You can’t talk your way out of what you’ve behaved yourself into.”
~ Stephen R. Covey
Dear Reader

We are pleased to share some new ideas and thoughts with you that we have found to work in both organisational performance and for more satisfactory personal outcomes.

Included are insights from what is probably the first agribusiness sales survey in Australia. We look at the drivers behind successful coaching - a discipline that has had double digit growth in uptake as organisations and individuals realise the potential gains in performance and the savings in both time and dollars by not having staff members undertake less productive training.

We have two special offers this month. They are:
1. The Relating Leader
2. Lattice Selling - Sales Performance training

Both of these are offered in-house and, due to demand, we can only take in one organisation for each program this calendar year. See below for further information. 

We are also pleased to be able to continue to service rural and regional Australia.  A number of the programs in these regions have been the result of the passion of one individual wishing to have something local - so i
f you are interested in having one of our programs in your region do contact us and we shall endeavour to assist.

Book review
The book review for this Briefing is "The Power of Habit" which given the universal nature of "habits"' this is an interesting read. We rank this book as our best read so far for 2012 and we are sure that you will not be disappointed. Do take a look at the full review below.

We do hope you enjoy these snippets.

From the TRM Team

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What's so nice about having your butt kicked?

Image Coaching for performance outside of sports was rare, but not anymore.  We are seeing more and more organisations seek coaches with the prime objective to improve individual performance. Areas covered include: assisting a new manager step up to the mark, breaking narcissistic or other negative tendencies in leaders, supporting the management of difficult personalities, etc.
Importantly, coaching today is replacing mentoring, as specialised and well trained coaches demonstrate they can deliver agreed outcomes more effectively.

The attached article looks at what is involved in coaching and reviews two coaching models.

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Brisbane - Emerging Leader's Bootcamp

Image Our Emerging Leader's Bootcamp has already exceeded expectations for 2012 with three programs completed so far this year.

If you want to be in line for a fresh and challenging approach to leadership skilling do book into one of the upcoming programs.

This content applies at any level of family and professional life”.
- Tom Archer, Hassad Australia

Thought provoking: made me look at things from a different perspective. Very valuable for me personally & professionally”.
-David Cross, ORDCO

"I totally loved the program. It busted me and then put me back together. More importantly it gave me a greater self awareness and the realisation that it was up to me to achieve what I wanted".

-Natalie Temple, Lallemand

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Relating Leaders - A Program for improving Culture and Performance

Image NEW!!  The Relating Leader: skills for inspiring high performance and effectiveness

This program brings the latest in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and values-based correction in a no frills manner to give demonstrated performance effectiveness.  Described by participants as illuminating and refreshingly simple, we are offering ONE (1) organisation the opportunity to participate in this program at a very attractive rate.

Three (3) days over three (3) weeks, delivered in-house to maximise performance.  This an exciting an
d challenging approach to leadership skilling.

Enquire here...
Lattice Selling - Sales Performance Training

This program refreshes the latest in best-practice sales knowledge, evaluates current skills and practices within the team,  provides an on-line management program and supports team leaders through structured coaching.

We do this through objective assessments of individual sales team members, provision of a detailed sales training program and tailored input and performance monitoring processes.

Sales Managers gain skills in review procedures to assist in development of both behaviours and practices.

Enquire here...
Selective Behavioural ModellingTM (SBM)

Image Our recent breakfast with behavioural scientist Allan Parker generated significant interest in this program and if you were unable to attend and would like more information, please do contact us.

Selective Behavioural Modelling™ (SBM) is an innovative approach to embedding specific, high leverage, universal behaviours into an organisation and empirically measuring their presence in day-to-day human interactions.

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Sales Skills in the Agribusiness Sector

Image (click to enlarge image)

We are pleased to bring the latest in sales team on-line assessments.  To-date, we have undertaken this by visually watching individuals go about their work.  Whilst visual assessment is very important, most is not undertaken within a rigorous framework. 

Our framework is illustrated above and to test how people felt they performed, we invited
experienced sales people who are involved in Territory or Key Account management selling to provide us with a norm of perceptions. The majority of respondents came from Australia, however New Zealand and the United States are also represented. To obtain a copy of the report, please contact us.

Request Report...
Negotiating with a difference...

Image Whether it be managing staff, preparing for EBA negotiations, or buying an asset, its the skill to negotiating with dignity that counts and makes a difference.

For a fresh approach to managing and resolving conflictual issues please contact us directly if you are interested in a course in your region.

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 The Power of Habit - Book Review
Image Habits – we all know we have them!! They can be our making or our undoing. Either way, they are powerful. On a personal level the majority of your day will be governed by a series of habits whether good or bad, yet we don’t understand them.

Charles Duhigg is a reporter at The New York Times, where he writes for the business section. For this book Duhigg read hundreds of scientific papers and interviewed many of the scientists who wrote them, and relays interesting findings on habit formation and change from the fields of social psychology, clinical psychology and neuroscience.

Read Full Review...

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