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AITD Awards Finalist 2013
 Lattice Selling® Program was a Finalist in the 2013 Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) Awards (Australian Learning Innovation Category)                                                                                                            

A journey into the Buyer’s Mind

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Ever asked the question?  What happens to all the leads that don't convert

Lattice Selling®, developed by The Right Mind and Norton|Norris Inc. of Chicago, takes you into the mind of the buyer to assist in focus on leads that matter.

If you've wondered why it's so difficult to connect with today's prospective buyers, we'll fill you in on the mystery.  Better than that, this interactive, 2-day program will provide you with new skills to add to what you're currently doing to reach more prospects.

It introduces you to advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills that shift your perspective from that of a seller to one who develops a deep situational conversation with their clients.

Where do your sales fall down?

Specifically this program provides participants with a look below the surface to examine some of the world's first data into WHERE sales people fail.  Participants get answers to the question: Do you know where your sales fail?  Is it rapport, is it stating the value proposition?  The program enables participants to look at each step in the sales process to identify their own strengths and weaknesses with strategies for improvement.

You will learn:

To understand why traditional processes are not effective - By exploring the time wasted through not having an effective process or being adhoc in the approach to clients.

To listen - Believe it or not, one of the biggest failures of sale people is not listening to their clients.  Far too frequently, they are caught up the activities of making the sale rather than deeply hearing what is said and unsaid.

To deeply engage when communicating - You will be able to establish and maintain rapport, maintain a positive state throughout a challenging engagement, listen, respond and question, and utilise a range of agreement generating skills.

To think like a buyer - Explore how your thinking impacts upon the sales process. Learn the effect of pitching versus being a partner in the decision-making process.

To formulate questions – Understanding the power of questions. Recognise the diversity of styles available in sales and the impact they have.

Why closures frequently fail – Closing is rarely the fault of the buyer. Research evidence shows most sellers have a) failed to earn the right to close or b) fail to ask for the appropriate commitment.

How to apply the unique Lattice Sales Process – The selling process is rarely a straight line, yet many lose their buyers through the assumption it is.

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