We work with people and their organisations to assist in achieving the results they want - either personally or for their businesses. 

We do this through a unique approach in improving both their capability (resources) and capacity (will and motivation) to assist in more effective implementation of their strategies.  In particular we look at innovative ways to ensure optimisation of these two primary drivers with the end result being a sustainable competitive advantage.  

We do achieve this through continually asking the question:

What will it take?

The Pillars

Our framework for change has, since inception, had an appeal beyond our expectations.   Our clients tell us that it is a "Balanced Scorecard" with much wider dimensions and accountabilities.

By focusing on the drivers of belief in each of the Pillar components, businesses and individuals have an audit they can't hide from.  

The Pillars are a tool that can be used at any level: individual, team, organisation.  They audit a family just as much as they audit a listed company.

Similarly, they are used as an on-going performance monitoring tool.

They provide an holistic approach that clearly defines the components of balance.


The Result 

The result is a profound shift in the way people think, feel and act. Our consulting and training programs work to ensure the business and the people in it are truly present.


Our Process

Our three-step process is:  

·   Pausing – establishing the environment to enable deep reflections on what we have and where we want to be;

·   Personalising – ensuring every individual immerses themselves in the values, outcomes and tools such they are sufficiently resourceful to take responsibility for what they have to do; and         

·   Pursuing – ensuring the execution on the journey is robust, timely and aligned with purpose to ensure the correct habits are  instilled early in the process.


Such that the design and delivery of services achieve value for both of us.


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Green Industry Growing Leaders Program ~ 2018 Intake
Meeting 1: 1-2 May, Sydney
Meeting 2: 1-2 August, Brisbane
*Applications close 9th March 2018, 5pm AEST

Rural Leader's Bootcamp
Brisbane, 30 October -1 November
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Stepping UP Program
Toowoomba, 23-24 May

NQ Dry Tropics - Mastering Communication Workshop and Extension workshop
Charters Towers, 19-20 June
View Flyer
Townsville, 21 June (Extension Workshop)
View Flyer

Power of engagement program
New dates to be announced

Negotiators Toolkit
New dates to be announced

Lattice Selling
New dates to be announced
Go to the Events page for all Upcoming dates and registration. 

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